WS-SVC-AGM-1-K9 Cisco Catalyst 6500 /Cisco 7600 Anomaly Guard Module

Cisco WS-SVC-AGM-1-K9 Catalyst 6500 Series/Cisco 7600 Series Anomaly Guard Module
Mã sản phẩm: WS-SVC-AGM-1-K9
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Cisco WS-SVC-AGM-1-K9 Catalyst 6500 /Cisco 7600 Anomaly Guard Module

Cisco Part Number              : WS-SVC-AGM-1-K9
Cisco Spare Part Number    : WS-SVC-AGM-1-K9=
Bảo hành                              : 12 tháng
List Price                              : $
Giá Bán                                 : Liên hệ

Made In                                : Asia
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Cisco WS-SVC-AGM-1-K9 Catalyst 6500 Series/Cisco 7600 Series Anomaly Guard Module

Cisco WS-SVC-AGM-1-K9 Catalyst 6500 /Cisco 7600 Anomaly Guard Module

Thông số kỹ thuật




-  7 GB DDRAM, 1 GB Compact Flash


-  Minimum: 3 lb (1.36 kg)
-  Maximum: 5 lb (2.27 kg)


-  1.18 in. (30 mm)


-  15.51 in. (394 cm)


-  16.34 in. (415 cm)

Power Requirements

-  168 Watts

Operating Temperature

-  32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)

Non Operating Temperature

-  –40 to 167°F (–40 to 75°C)


-  10 to 90 percent, noncondensing


-  Secure Web-based GUI
-  CLI: Console, Telnet, SSH
-  Cisco (Riverhead) SNMP MIB and MIB II
-  Syslog


-  UL-recognized
-  CE
-  FCC Rules Part 15-compliant

Các tính năng



Attack Protection

-  Spoofed and non-spoofed attacks
-  TCP (syns, syn-acks, acks, fins, fragments) attacks
-  User Datagram Protocol (UDP) attacks (random port floods, fragments)
-  Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) attacks (unreachable, echo, fragments)
-  Domain Name System (DNS) attacks
-  Client attacks
-  Inactive and total connections attacks
-  HTTP Get Flood attacks
-  Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) attacks
-  Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) voice over IP (VoIP) attacks

Continuous Learning and Protection

-  Can operate in continuous learning and protection mode (Release 5.0 and later)
-  Simultaneously adjusts thresholds and protect from attacks
-  Switches between learning and protection modes automatically
-  Returns to learning mode after an attack is completed

Traffic Analysis

-  Ability to capture and packets that are traversing the guard and save them as pcap files.
-  The GUI allows extensive analysis of the captured packets.
-  The user may limit capture to packets with a certain decision value only (forward, drop, reply).
-  The user may filter the capture using a tcpdump expression.

Signature Extraction—Deep Packet Inspection

-  Ability to find prominent patterns in the payload of captured packets
-  Automated algorithm analyzes packet capture to extract a signature found only in malicious packets
-  Content-based filter can be applied for extracted signature

Content-Based Filter

-  Provides ability to look for patterns in the payload
-  Can define multiple content-based filters
-  Can be configured to either just count packets, or drop them

Communications Protocols

-  Secure Shell (SSH), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure FTP (SFTP)


-  Console to command-line interface (CLI)
-  SSH to CLI
-  SSL to Cisco Guard Device Manager
-  Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) MIB, MIBII, and traps

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) Support

-  Integrates with AAA through TACACS+
-  Privilege-level and command-level authorization and accounting


-  IP table and self-DDoS protection on management interfaces


-  Comprehensive syslogging and events

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